Are you looking for a gift? Find something for your loved ones or friends at our shop no matter what the occasion is! Blush pop Creations items are perfect for gifting. You may find here a gift for your bridesmaids, family, friends on occasions like weddings, birthdays, or other events. You can also request gift wrapping if you want to send it directly to someone. You have to let us know ahead of time. So, we can avoid putting a price on it. We will cater everything from gift wrapping to card creation (optional). Kindly let us know by messaging us directly to our shop for further discussion.


Giving a gift to someone can be a thoughtful gesture towards them. Pick a practical gift for your loved ones to use daily such as a keychain, facemask, scrunchie, or other items. Or a unique present  such as a necklace with a custom name on the bar pendant. All of these are handmade, so you can be sure that they are created beautifully.

Surprise Gift Ideas

This idea for gifting is exciting to do for everyone who likes to surprise. When you arrive at home carrying a box or paper bag it is conspicuous that it is a gift. The thrill is gone, and the receiver would know already that you have a present for them. But, if you order it online and directly send it to them, you would surprise them. It is a trend for a prank style. They thought you do not care about them because you never give them a gift. But, they do not even know that the present is on its way to them. It is a creative way to be different from our usual gift-giving routine.

If you love this idea, you may visit our shop to peek at our gorgeous items. And, do not forget to hit the heart at the upper left corner of our shop as a favorite shop. With this, you can access our shop directly when you have already decided to purchase the items from our shop. It saves you time by searching items at Etsy.

Best Gift for Women

Today’s trend is matchy-matchy style. It is about the color of your outfit for the day that coordinated well. You can see it all over the social media posts. We all know that wearing a face mask is mandatory in public areas. It means that face masks nowadays are way more fashionable than their function. Many different colors of satin face masks you can choose from our store. And practically anything can be mixed and matched to create a magnificent style.

Today’s trend is matchy-matchy style. It is about the color of your outfit for the day that coordinated well. You can see it all over the social media posts.

While the scrunchie is appropriate for all ages, making it an ideal present for her. Scrunchie and face mask combo can be a great way to flaunt the matchy-matchy style. If you are looking for a gift for your wife, girlfriend, family, or colleagues, you can pick these items. And send them to them. I am confident they will enjoy it. Let us take a look at some gorgeous scrunchies and face masks that piques your interest. 

If the recipient of this present is her favorite hue, it might be a gratifying satisfaction. It is crucial to know her favorite color so she will be surprised when she opens the box. It is one of the tips for picking a gift for her, especially if you are unsure what she likes. The key is to understand her passion or favorite hue.

Set of Fern, Moss, Hunter Scrunchie and Face Mask

 Set of Fern, Moss, Hunter scrunchie and face mask

These colors are from the green family. The green shades go well with lots of colors, including neutrals like brown and gray dresses. Also, go well with vibrant hues like yellow, pink, blue, and more. If you want to be in greenery style, pair them up with your green color outfit. It is best to wear it at the wedding when the theme party is about nature.

Set of Mulberry, Wisteria, Lollipop Scrunchie, and Face Mask

Set of Mulberry, Wisteria, Lollipop scrunchie, and face mask

These are purple shades. These colors are a must-try of this season! Get a stunning look with these face masks and scrunchies. The ultimate in purple luxury! It is best to wear something that matches purple gowns on occasions like weddings, parties, or prom. 

Set of latte, macaroon, cantaloupe scrunchie, and face mask

Set of latte, macaroon, cantaloupe scrunchie, and face mask

Achieve a refreshing look with these collections of scrunchie and facemask. These colors are bright and bubbly that brings out a festive mood. You can wear this with your light yellow shades or white dresses.

Practical Gift Ideas

Practical Gift Ideas

We can say that a face mask is a practical gift. Why? Because the receiver of this gift will wear it daily. It has a function that the receiver loves. These satin face masks are silky yet soft and breathable, so you won’t be ashamed to make them a present. Do you want to try this gift idea? Don’t hesitate to message us if you love this idea. We would be glad to accommodate your queries and orders.

Humor Gift Ideas

Giving a humor gift to someone is funny, but it should be someone close to us. It could be our wife or husband, best friends, or family. Otherwise, we cannot do that because they might be offended. This gift idea gives something unique to someone. It is funny yet sweet. Get this humor gift to surprise them! You can also attach it with a scrunchie if the receiver is a girl. 

Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Keychain is functional to everyone. It keeps keys in place and can prevent misplacing keys over and over again. If someone you know has trouble placing every single of their keys. This keychain is the answer. You can give this keychain to them as a gift. Also, it has a thoughtful message that is hand stamped on it. It added a special touch to the keychain that makes it a special gift. You can also add some scrunchie or face mask to it. It would be a great gift! I am sure the receiver would be happy upon opening it. 

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Are you still thinking of what will be your proposal gift for your bridesmaids? The search is over! I will introduce to you the scrunchie and facemask. Why would these two be perfect for a proposal gift? First, the scrunchie is used to style up the hair during the wedding. Otherwise, it is used as a scrunchie bracelet. Second, a facemask is mandatory to wear even on a wedding day so she can use it at the wedding. Lastly, scrunchies and face masks are made of satin fabric. We all know that satin fabric coordinates well with almost all gowns.

Giving these as a gift proposal to your bridesmaids can be beneficial accessories for them. I am sure they will love it. If you are concerned about the hue, do not be. There are a variety of options available. You only have to head over to our shop and pick the color you want. If you are still skeptical about choosing the right color, you can message us. We will answer your queries right away.

Trendy Gift Ideas

Do you have any idea what the trend will be in 2021? Scrunchies are back, and we know that they style up our hair in many ways yet are good for our hair. The color of scrunchie before is limited. We can only see primary colors such as red, blue, green, black, brown, to name a few. But nowadays, you can choose a variety of colors that mostly fits every outfit’s hues. Gifting a scrunchie with trendy and pretty colors is the perfect gift for your daughter. Or someone you know who is obsessed with scrunchies. 

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Commemorating an anniversary has an enormous impact on our loved ones. It makes them feel that they are exceptional to you. It does not matter if it is a luxurious or simple gift. What matters most is the moment you have remembered the most special day of your life. With this, I will introduce you to a simple gift yet has sentimental value to your loved ones. You can give them a customized necklace with an engraved name. Or a keychain that has a sweet message on it. Like “Thank you for taking my side” or “ I will always need you.” These messages can touch the heart of your loved ones.

Friendship Gift Ideas

Do you have a long-distance friendship? Or friends who are moving to other places? If so, this simple gift can be a great remembrance to give to your close friends. A keychain with an engraved “besties” would help you convey a message to your friend that means friends forever. They can attach the keychain to the zipper of the bag, pouch, or other stuff. You will always be remembered wherever they will go. If you are looking for this gift, then head over to our shop and order it now! You can give it to them right away after you receive the parcel.

Birthday Gift Ideas

You are invited to attend a party of your relatives, friends, friends of friends, or other acquaintances. It is already customary to bring a gift for the celebrant. You are still undecided what gift you are going to give yet. If it is a little girl or woman, you can opt for scrunchies. It is a perfect gift for a girl. You can purchase a box of 5 or 10 scrunchies in different colors. I am sure she will enjoy it. How about when it comes to your family member’s birthday? What would be a perfect gift for them this 2021?

For your mother, pick a scrunchie or face mask then a keychain with the message “Best Mom Ever.” There are a lot of messages you can choose from our shop. So, pick the best words that you want to convey to your mother. For your father, you can give him a face mask and a keychain with the message “You Are My Rock.” For your sister, you can give her a matching scrunchie and face mask for her matchy-matchy style. Also, a keychain with the message “besties” because our sisters were our first friends before anyone else out there. They were our first playmates. For your daughter, if she loves hairstyling, you can give her a bunch of scrunchies in different colors. There are a lot of bright colors that suit her style.

Graduation Gift Ideas

Are your friends graduating this year? It is good to know that someone from our friends and family will embark on a new journey to success. We are always there to support them whatever success they may have to achieve. But that support would not be complete if there is no present for them. A simple gift will do for them.

Final Thought

Giving a gift to someone special is the best gesture you can do for them. It shows your feelings for them. Throughout the year, there will be numerous events. We will also have more gifts to present to our friends and family. With this, Blush Pop Creations offers handmade creations for gifting on various occasions. We have face masks, scrunchies, French barrette, custom necklace, dog tag, stainless keychain, and geode earrings. Our handmade items are made with care and attention to detail so you can enjoy their function and style. You can be sure that you are in the right online store. Our products are made with lots of love so you can be sure that each of them has quality. They are perfect for gifts for your loved ones such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, mother’s day, or other formal events.

We have an Etsy shop and website where you can choose which one is best for your online shopping. Also, we have offered limited discounted items, or we drop our prices to 50% for your convenience. You can follow our social media accounts @blushpopcreations to get daily updates.


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