Bridesmaid Proposal: 10 Reasons You Should Be Proposing to Your Bridesmaids With A Scrunchie

A bridesmaid proposal is the best way to ask your bridesmaids to be at your wedding. Proposing to your bridesmaids is a pretty big deal. And, it has become a significant part of the wedding tradition. But how do you ask your friends to be at your wedding party? If you want them to say yes, you cannot just ask – you need to give your bridesmaids a gift that shows how much they mean to you. The bridesmaid box is the perfect way to propose to your bridesmaids and ensure they have everything they need for the wedding.

Bridesmaid Proposal: 10 Reasons You Should Be Proposing to Your Bridesmaids With A Scrunchie

It is no secret that the wedding industry is changing. Brides are now inviting their friends to be a part of their wedding day in more modern and unique ways. It is becoming more common for brides to plan their proposals and make sure they are done well as part of their wedding preparations.

Are you engaged? Congratulations! We know organizing a wedding is challenging. You have your dress. You have your venue. You have your food, decorations, and even cake toppers (obviously). But what is missing? It is the proposal for your bridesmaids. Do not worry if you have not asked them yet; you still have time. And if you are looking for ideas on how to ask them, look no further.

We have compiled a list of ten reasons: why you should consider using a scrunchie to propose to your bridesmaids.

  1.  A Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

The scrunchie proposal is becoming more and more popular. Instead of giving jewelry or other traditional gifts, why not give them something they can use every day? 

If you really want your proposal to stand out from the crowd, there is nothing more unique than a scrunchie! Do you intend to propose to them, whether or not they say yes? Do you want your proposal to stand out from the crowd? We have the solution for you!

Bridesmaid Proposal: 10 Reasons You Should Be Proposing to Your Bridesmaids With A Scrunchie

When it comes to bridesmaid proposal boxes, you cannot just throw something together at the last minute. If you want your besties to feel special, you have got to put in some real effort to make sure they know how much they mean to you.

Do not settle for boring bridesmaid proposal boxes—stand out from the crowd and give your girls something chic and fun! With our bridesmaid scrunchie, you make it easy to gift your besties a keepsake that they will want to wear all the time.

       2.  A DIY Bridesmaid Proposal 

Now that you have said YES! It is time to ask your friends to join you on the big day. If you are looking for a way to pop the question, why not go with something they can keep and wear for years to come?

Bridesmaid Proposal: 10 Reasons You Should Be Proposing to Your Bridesmaids With A Scrunchie

It is a scrunchie!

Sure, they may sound like a product of the past (and if we are being honest, they are), but scrunchies are having a major revival right now! Moreover, they are completely customizable. You can use them as a cute DIY bridesmaid proposal gift! Do you want to get creative with your bridesmaid proposal? A custom scrunchie could be a great way to say I can't tie the knot without you. A scrunchie is a fun way to ask someone to be a bridesmaid at your wedding, and it is a simple DIY bridesmaid proposal that you can make yourself.

Here are the instructions on how to make your DIY bridesmaid proposal.

  • Head to and find a scrunchie color that reflects the personality of your friends. Your friend is more likely to wear a personalized scrunchie if she loves the color you choose!
  • Next, choose an inspirational or funny quote. Or, your custom proposal message that reflects what you want to say when you ask them to join your wedding party. You can also put their name on each tag so they will feel extra special! There are plenty of ways to do this – you could even attach another card with more info about when and where the wedding will be so she can start making plans right away.
  • Once you have received your scrunchies order, attach the tag with a quote or message to each scrunchie. Make sure it is secured really well so it won't fall off.
  • You're ready to pop the question!
Bridesmaid Proposal: 10 Reasons You Should Be Proposing to Your Bridesmaids With A Scrunchie

There are two ways to have a custom scrunchie proposal. For the first one, you will buy scrunchies and print tags with your custom message on your own. Or buy personalized scrunchie tags from Etsy and attach them to each scrunchie. Second, you can purchase a scrunchie that already has a scrunchie tag on it with a proposal message. The latter one is less hassle, and you can save time.


       3.  A Romantic Bridesmaid Proposal

There are many ways to ask your besties to stand with you on your big day. You can go for a simple yet romantic proposal. Or you can go all out and be a very fancy one. You can take them out for a night of fun or set up a tea party at home. But what about if you want to be low-key yet romantic and not make a huge deal out of it? What if you have no desire to spend money on anything, but you still want that "aw" factor? It looks like we have the perfect answer for you!

Simply approach them with a scrunchie proposal! The scrunchie has been around since the 1980s, so it has a classic elegance that pairs nicely with your proposal gift. It makes it more romantic when you say, will you be my bridesmaids?


        4. Scrunchies are stylish and cute and perfect for any hairstyle.

So you're planning to ask your besties to be your bridesmaids! It is the most exciting part of your wedding plan. And, we know you want to ask them in a way that is super personal and special. 

Bridesmaid Proposal: 10 Reasons You Should Be Proposing to Your Bridesmaids With A Scrunchie

So, where should you start? How about with our favorite hair accessory of all time: the scrunchie?

Let's start with the most important things first. Scrunchies are cool, trendy, and work for every hairstyle. They are suitable for any event, from a night out with the girls to a wedding day. You can wear them anywhere, anytime. Unlike usual elastic hair ties, they won't crease or strain your hair. So you'll be extra comfortable while wearing them! Once you give this scrunchie to your bridesmaids, they will want to wear it all the time.


         5. Scrunchies are inexpensive and easy to buy in bulk.

Are you trying to find an easy and cheap way to pop the question? Scrunchies are a great option.

Bridesmaid Proposal: 10 Reasons You Should Be Proposing to Your Bridesmaids With A Scrunchie

They are cheap enough that you can actually afford to give them to all of your bridesmaids without breaking the bank. They are super affordable—even if you are proposing to a huge bridal party. You can buy them in bulk online at the lowest wholesale price.


        6. Scrunchies come in every hue you can imagine.

Over the last few years, more and more brides have decided to get really creative in their proposals to their would-be bridesmaids. We have seen everything from champagne flutes with sweet notes to huge confetti boxes that erupt when opened to plain old "Will you be my bridesmaid?" cards.

Bridesmaid Proposal: 10 Reasons You Should Be Proposing to Your Bridesmaids With A Scrunchie

However, if you're tired of the same old ideas and ready to take your bridesmaid proposal to the next level, we've got just what you need: Scrunchies!

These adorable scrunchies come in different colors and sizes that can coordinate with any wedding theme. You can purchase a pack of 20 for just CAD $90. The possibilities are endless—whether you want to make a fun little proposal box or give one each to your friends and family members who mean the most to you.


      7. Bridesmaids will love using their scrunchies after the wedding.

Scrunchies are great gifts for anyone in any situation. They look great on your bridesmaids on your big day. And, they are practical for them to use long after the reception ends. Also, the ladies in your bridal party will love using these scrunchies after the wedding ends. They are ideal for holding back your hair ponytail while working out at the gym. Moreover, they are fun to wear around your wrist for a quick and easy accessory. They will love this gift and the sentiment behind it!


       8. Scrunchies are comfortable to wear.

Scrunchies are comfortable to wear and are better for your hair than elastic bands.

If you've ever used an elastic band to tie up your hair, you probably know that they can be rough on your locks. Scrunchies are made with soft satin fabric and durable elastic inside. So, they slide over your hair smoothly while still holding it back securely.

Bridesmaid Proposal: 10 Reasons You Should Be Proposing to Your Bridesmaids With A Scrunchie

Scrunchies are comfortable to wear because they won't tug or pull at your hair. They don't have a metal clasp like traditional hair ties. So, they won't snag or tangle your hair either. Scrunchies will keep your hair looking great all day long! When you're ready to take them off at the end of the day, they release smoothly without damaging your beautiful locks.

Plus, scrunchies come in different fun styles, including solid colors and patterns. So, you can choose one that matches your outfit or pick a few in different colors. Keeping the hair out of your face has never been easier or more stylish! 

They are meant to give your hair a quick, attractive splash of color and style whether you are lounging at home or doing errands. We make scrunchies in three sizes—slim, medium, large, and extra-large. Feel free to mix and match styles and colors as you please!


       9. Scrunchies are so versatile.

Scrunchies are the ultimate in versatility. There's nothing you can't do with a scrunchie! For example, have you ever thought of wearing one as a hair tie? Or to hold your ponytail? Or even as a wristband? The possibilities are virtually endless!

Bridesmaid Proposal: 10 Reasons You Should Be Proposing to Your Bridesmaids With A Scrunchie

Wear a scrunchie on your wrist and make it part of your outfit. Scrunchies are comfy for your hair and double as a bracelet with soft fabric outside and stretchy elastic inside. Our scrunchies come in all sorts of colors to match any style!


      10.Scrunchies have sentimental value.

Your bridesmaids are exceptional. And, you know you want to give them a gift that will remind them of your friendship for years to come.

So why choose something boring, like a candle?

Instead of giving each member of your wedding party something, they'll probably only use once, try a scrunchie!

Sure, scrunchies were the hair accessory trend of the 1980s. But they are so much more. They are an essential part of childhood memories for many women. Scrunchies are handed down through generations. And they are often the first thing a young girl gets to pick out when she wants her own hair accessory. Everybody from cheerleaders to ladies' tennis champs to TV moms has worn them. Now they're on the runway at fashion week!

Bridesmaid Proposal: 10 Reasons You Should Be Proposing to Your Bridesmaids With A Scrunchie

When you give your bridesmaids scrunchies, you're giving them a piece of history—and a chance to create their own memories with the next generation. Plus, your friends will be able to take those scrunchies with them wherever life takes them: from their honeymoon in Mexico to their new life in an apartment in Paris. And every time they wear their scrunchie, they'll think of what an incredible gift it was!

Your friends will have these scrunchies long after your wedding ends, which means they will always have something to remember from your big day. Your bridesmaids are going to love your wedding. But they are going to love the gifts you give them even more. These scrunchies are so fun that they will want to use them even after the last dance and champagne toast would end.

Bridesmaid Proposal: The Significant Part of a Wedding Planning

Bridal parties are a lot of fun. They are fun, they are memorable, and they are different experiences each time around. And they are great because your family gets to come along with you on this exciting ride. Moreover, proposing to your bridesmaids is easy, affordable, and fun with a scrunchie proposal.

As much as we adore them, we think it is good to take a step back and remind them why they are here. You may make your wedding day even more spectacular by including your closest friends and family in the event with a scrunchie proposal.

Bridesmaid Proposal: 10 Reasons You Should Be Proposing to Your Bridesmaids With A Scrunchie

There are numerous alternatives for bridesmaid proposal gifts. You can take your BFFs out for a drink and propose one-on-one, or pick up a pretty gift that has something special meaning for her and you.

But here's the thing:

Your best friends are going to be your bridesmaids no matter what. They will do it without fanfare, even if you don't get them anything. However, wouldn't it be nice to give them something that will make them feel special and included on the big day?

That's why we think hair scrunchies are the perfect way to propose. They are adorable yet thoughtful. Moreover, they will help your bridesmaids practice their hair looks for the big day. And who doesn't love a scrunchie?

So go ahead—pop the question! They will be glad you did.

Final Thought

Scrunchie hair ties are a fun and classy way to ask your bridesmaids to be at your wedding. They are cute, memorable, and come in a variety of colors. You may even have their names written on them!

No matter what you choose, your bridesmaids will be super flattered and excited that you asked them to be a part of such an important day. How could they not? You're getting married!

If you're thinking of proposing to your bridesmaids with scrunchies, we hope this article would help you work out all the details. You probably have a lot on your mind right now. However, we believe that your bridesmaid proposal will be spectacular regardless of how it appears! We hope our bridesmaid proposal scrunchie will help you get there in style!

Should you have further questions about the scrunchie proposal, don't hesitate to contact us at any time! Head over to our website,, for more details.


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