Scrunchies are hair accessories that can help you in many ways. It can style your hair in different hairstyles and is a perfect gift for the bridesmaids. It has many functions that help you look pristine. It brings you to the world of fashion. You can create many styles with this scrunchie. You can expand its applications by making it into a bracelet. Among the other hair ties, it is the best ponytail holder. It will not damage your hair, but it preserves your hair instead. It gives the benefits that everyone needs. We cannot deny that using the usual hair ties would snag or pull the hair strands. We can think of scrunchies as friends who are always there for us when we need them. Let us recap its benefits to our hair. 

  • It limits the breakage of your hair 
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Combats frizz
  • Preserves hairstyle
  • Preserves hair strength
  • Ideal for any hair type

Satin Scrunchies

The benefits listed above are the benefits you could get from using scrunchies. Scrunchies are beneficial to your hair because they do not absorb moisture. With this, it preserves the health and smoothness of your hair. It is ideal for your daily ponytail, bun, or braided hairstyle. 

How Do You Combat Your Frustration About Hair Problems?

Are you experiencing ponytail creases after removing the ordinary hair tie? If your hair always creases after taking off your hair tie, you are not alone. I always go through this kind of hair problem. I am a fan of making small, cute ponytails. I am using ordinary hair ties to style up my hair. That was really frustrating seeing my hair creases. It damaged my shiny long hair. It took me a week to get rid of those unsightly creases. After that problem happened, I never used an ordinary hair tie. I researched other hair ties that would not crease the hair.

Satin Scrunchies

And, I found this scrunchie. I bought it online and tried it for my hair. What surprised me was that it was really gentle on my hair. The fabric used for the scrunchie I purchased is satin material. It has a smooth, silky texture that is pleasant to touch. This is why it is also gentle on the hair. From that time, I discovered scrunchie. It is already my only hair tie. This is where it all began. I made scrunchies. I want to share my experience with other people who have the same dilemma as mine. There is always a solution to the problem. Do not let frustration overpower you, instead find a way to solve a problem until that solution becomes your passion. 

Use Scrunchies To Avoid Ponytail Creases

People with long hair are constantly dealing with the unsightly crease caused by daily ponytails. But there is a solution for that. You can switch with your current hair ties. Try another hair tie like scrunchies. You can guarantee it gentles on your hair. The hair ties have big, silky fabric wrap around the band. In addition, it has an elastic stretch that makes it easy to keep your hair in a ponytail or bun. You won't get that annoying crease in your hair. Thanks to the design of the scrunchie hair tie. Our brand scrunchies are perfect for all hair types. Also, they have fashionable colors that would surely match your daily outfit. Plus, when not in use, they are comfortable to wear on your wrist.

How Much Would Be The Cost Of Scrunchies?

A one-piece scrunchie hair tie will cost you about $9. And a set of 10 satin scrunchie will also cost $72. Our brand scrunchies can withstand the pressure of high ponies and messy buns. There are three available sizes - medium, large, and extra-large. The price of each satin is varied with every dimension. You can choose your preferred sizes to avoid unsatisfying experiences from using them. If you have thin hair or want to give it to your children, go with a medium size. But, if you have thick or coily hair, you may choose large or extra-large ones. Try many hairstyles for yourself with this set of 10 scrunchies and enjoy free creases hair ties.


Scrunchies Avoid Ponytail Dents

A ponytail hairstyle is popular among women with long hair because it is so easy to wear. However, there is a strange dent in your hair that ordinary hair ties leave when you remove your ponytail.

I have gone to the trouble of straightening my hair because I have a dent in my hair. It was caused by all day long wearing of the ponytail with an ordinary hair tie. The last thing I wanted to do was wear a ponytail that would not leave an unsightly dent in it. I love the ponytail hairstyle, but the hair tie gave me a headache. That is until I found this scrunchie. I am wearing a ponytail from time to time with this scrunchie. I found it functional and fashionable. Try using scrunchie, and you will truly understand my satisfied feeling. Believe it or not, it really gentles on the hair and is stylish.

Is Scrunchie Good For Your Hair?

Scrunchies are gentle to your hair. It helps preserve the smoothness of your hair. They would not cause breakage, split ends, and frizz in your hair. Scrunchies are basically fabric-wrapped elastic. This layer of fabric protects your hair from any damage caused by an ordinary elastic. Scrunchies do not harm your hair because they don’t cause tension in the same way that a hair tie does. 

“Love, love, love these scrunchies for my daughter. She has curly hair and this material helps keep the curls rather than flattening them. Thank you!” - Alicia

Medium, Large, Extra-Large Scrunchies Can Style Your Hair In Different Ways 

Do you have thin or thick hair? Which size is perfect for you? This is a crucial part of choosing your scrunchie since you can’t touch it physically upon picking it online. If you have thin hair, you may opt for medium size. For the large one, if you have medium-thick hair and an extra-large for the very thick hair. You have to choose what is the perfect size for you so that it would fit your ponytail perfectly. 

Medium, Large, Extra-Large Scrunchies Can Style Your Hair In Different Ways

“I love this scrunchie! It's the perfect colour and size, and it stays in my hair all day. I would highly recommend it!” - sarak25

“very good quality. soooo large and beautiful” - Rachel

“Very soft and easy to use. Super stretchy so I can make a ponytail and a bun with them. The colours look nice too.” - Erin

“Such beautiful scrunchies I am so happy with! Shipping was pretty good. I was a little confused about the colour choices but the seller was very responsive and happy to help me out. They are a cool material that looks even better in natural light, they feel really good quality and have a nice elastic that you can loop twice for a looser ponytail and three times for a secure ponytail! Will likely be purchasing again :)” - Iryna

“I got an extra large satin scrunchie in black and it arrived very promptly and also came with a coupon code for a discount on my next purchase! I am very happy with it and plan to order more in the future! Thank you!” - Alisha

Perfect Gift For Bridesmaids Or For Your Daughter, Wedding Favor At The Bridal Or Bachelorette Party

Scrunchie is easy to wear and fashionable. It can style up the hair in many ways. It is cute and stylish, which is why it is perfect for gifting. Also, it is a funny gift for a bachelorette party. You can get this idea to have a memorable party before the wedding. Aside from this, it is a thoughtful wedding favor that you can give to your guests at a bridal party. In addition, they make a statement and really match your outfit depending on the pattern you choose. They also go well with fashionable handbags and shoes. It would enhance your stylish look.

“Loved my order, can’t wait to gift them to my bridesmaids!” - Shanessa

Soft Scrunchie And Gentle On Your Hair

Scrunchies are beneficial to your hair because they will not cause any damage. The layer of fabric around the elastic band prevents your hair from becoming tangled and knotted when using a scrunchie. Also, they will not cause headaches because they do not pull your hair tightly. You can leave the scrunchie loose enough to keep your hair in place. It keeps your ponytail in place without being too tight.

“Arrived in a timely manner, perfect size and makes a difference in my hair being pulled.” - Nicky

“Love the quality and feel of the scrunchies!” - Jaida

“Love the scrunchies! They're very soft and gentle on my hair. I definitely recommend these, thanks!” - Nicole Rulloda

Good Quality And Well-Made Scrunchie

Our scrunchies have sewn up beautifully and with love. You can guarantee that you would enjoy its functions and style for long-term use. You have many colors to choose from depending on your preference. They are sleek and elegant. So, they are perfect for hairstyles on wedding events, prom, festive parties, graduation, and other formal events. They are suitable for all occasions. When you are outside, they can pull your messy hair off in any situation. You can call them your friend and savior. You can tie your hair up in 1,2,3, and there you go! Very easy and comfortable to wear at work. 

“I am in love with these scrunchies! They’re so well made and the elastic is tight enough to hold my hair comfortably. So excited to have them and looking forward to purchasing more from this shop!” - Vanesa

“Loved these! They're great quality!” - Vanessa

“Great quality and was exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much!” - Morgan

“Love these scrunchies! Super cute and the material is really nice. Didn’t have to wait long for them to arrive either!” - Cristina

“Beautiful, high quality scrunchies. They are just what I wanted. Thank you!” - Samantha

“Love these scrunches! They’re very well made!” - Barry

“Bought 2 packs, light and dark, they are so soft, lightweight, and amazing. Would definitely buy again !” - Amanda

“Exactly as in the photos. Super cute and good quality!” - Cori

“On time, scrunchies are well made and look nice!” - Almanasa

“These scrunchies are beautiful! you can tell they're made well and the material is soft, silky, and of good quality. I love that there is a variety of colours to choose from. Really pleased with my purchase” - Nicole

“Loved the large scrunchies! Shipping was really fast!” - Maddy Trenaman

Final Thought

I love scrunchies more than you do! Calling for scrunchie lovers, how do you feel about scrunchies in your own experience? For me, it really helps me maintain my neat hairstyle and keep my hair healthy. I have also worn it in my ponytail and on my wrist. Then paired it with my chosen outfit for the day. I have my scrunchies collection in different colors for my daily attire. For someone who has not yet tried using scrunchie, I think this is the best time for you to try. I am confident you would enjoy them as much as I do. You can thank me later for that!

We also offer bulk orders so that you can save big. You can message us directly on this page if you have further questions. We also cater wedding scrunchies. Our scrunchies are ideal as a wedding favor or bridesmaid's proposal gift. You can visit our Etsy store or website to see more items. Also, you can follow our social media site for daily updates on sales and new items! What are you waiting for! Head over to our shops to catch up on sale items! And subscribe to our shop to get 50% off on your first purchase


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