RoFace masks are now more readily available than just about any trend. Even this season’s faves like twinning or matchy-matchy style. We see it as a fashion statement. Face masks have come a long way, and they are more fashionable than ever these days. Face masks will start to become more fashionable than their function. It is always considered to be paired well with the outfit for stunning looks.


It looks like we will be wearing satin face masks for a while. This is why we will find one that suits our taste perfectly. Wearing a face mask is mandatory, going to the grocery store, walking in the park, or jogging. Almost everywhere, everyone is wearing a face mask. We all know that there is already a vaccine against this Covid-19 virus. But, it does not mean you do not need to wear a face mask in public areas. Still, we should wear our face masks in crowded settings for double security of our safety and our family members. As long as this pandemic is not yet over, let us keep wearing our face masks in all crowded places.

Are Satin Face Masks better for skin?

I heard this question many times on an online forum. Everyone wants to be sure of the face mask they are going to use. I fully understand those hesitant feelings about buying something online. Unlike in the physical store, you can touch the items. And, you could come up with a decision right away if you want that product. It is a risk to purchase a face mask in an online shop. Especially only the photos and descriptions are your basis. However, through the feedback from other customers, you can learn how this product can help their daily activities. Also, you can read reviews about the quality of the product and how comfy it is.


Based on my experience, I love shopping online because I have found it hassle-free and convenient. Before I purchase an item, I would read reviews first about the product in the shop. And after reading the reviews, I could come up with a decision right away in buying that item. Another problem of reading product reviews, you will be confused when deciding on purchasing a product. How could I say this? In reality, you cannot please everyone. Even if your product is of good quality, there is always negative feedback. Because everyone is unique. We have different tastes and styles.

You could read a review with satisfied and not satisfied customers. This scenario is inevitable, and you should be wise with your decision. When I encounter this situation, I always look for the majority side. If the good feedback is more than the negative feedback, I will purchase the product. Otherwise, I would not purchase it. Reading reviews first before buying a product is very crucial in deciding on choosing a face mask online. Good reviews are your guide for a better selection of a product.

How could I look fashionable with my face mask?

You can create different looks with your face masks. This is a thing now that we consider the face mask as a fashion accessory rather than its function. You can wear a face mask that matches your outfit. With this, you can create your style. If you are a working person, you might need different face masks colors to pair up with your daily attire. Otherwise, you can still have collections of different colors for your shopping, walking in the park, or attending formal events.

You look stylish when you pair up your face mask with your overall outfit accordingly. If your wear a nude color dress, you may choose a nude face mask. Face masks in dusty rose, peach, pink, latte, or fern are appropriate for floral dresses too. You can straightforwardly tell if they are well coordinated by looking in the mirror. So, it is best to have a collection of different colors of face masks. You can try another one if you believe it will clash with your dress. You can try another one over and over until you would be satisfied with your overall looks. 

How do you determine your face mask size?

Determining your size is crucial in purchasing your face mask online. You cannot touch it physically, so you must measure your size accurately. We recommend using a flexible tape measure to find the perfect fit or a piece of string. Take a measurement from the bridge of your nose to the base of your chin. About 1-inch from under the tip of your chin. The size is approximately 12 cm for small and 13 cm for medium. If your size is not on these lists, you can enter your custom size. Customized face masks are accepted at Blush Pop Creations. You can be sure that it fits snugly on your cheeks as the size is measured accurately.           

What color of face mask looks the best on you? 

You can choose different colors of face masks to flaunt your daily style. Nude face mask color is most flattering because it matches well with most skin tones. Also, it goes well with almost all outfit colors. Furthermore, neutral colors like black, gray, or white go with almost every other color. The scarlet face mask is an attractive color that can captivate attention amidst the crowd. It looks good when paired with a red or black dress. The pink ice face mask is for a girly fashion style. It has a bright look when matched with a pink dress or white dress. Many different colors of face masks will go well with your outfit for the day. Making a great style with your face mask is all about how confident you will be wearing it.

What color mask should I wear? 

There are a lot of colors of face masks you should wear. You should have a collection of different colors to go with your lovely dresses. Blush Pop Creations’ face masks are soft, sleek, and breathable. They are perfect for all occasions. The color is lustrous, making it ideal for formal occasions. Formal events include weddings, proms, business meetings, office work, and other formal occasions. The satin face mask has a soft and silky texture that goes well with gown fabric. That is why it is most popular among other face masks fabrics. It has many colors to offer and style. 

Does it matter which way you wear your face mask?

Wearing a face mask should be worn properly. It should be fit snugly on the face for safety. Even though we regard it as a fashion trend, we must be cautious to protect ourselves from the virus. You can still be in your style even if you are wearing your mask accordingly. You just have to pick a face mask that is suitable and presentable for all occasions. The satin face mask is the perfect one. It can pull off the shabby looks on any occasion. It has a sleek, elegant color that suits any casual dress or gown. 

How long should you put on a face mask?

The face mask is mandatory to wear in public places. The amount of time you spend wearing a face mask every day is determined by your current situation. If you are working outside, you have to wear a mask for 8 hours or so. If this is your daily routine, the face mask you use should be comfortable and breathable. It can beat the heat you felt during your work. It is not very pleasant to have a piece of cloth in your mouth and nose. It is a kind of suffocation of inhaling and exhaling the air. Even if you are going shopping or walking in the park, you should wear comfortable and breathable masks. With this, you could be able to perform your tasks daily comfortably.

Matching Face masks trends 2021

The face mask is inevitable in the fashion world now. There are a lot of face masks styles and colors online. Matching a face mask to your outfit is a trend now. This is also called a matchy-matchy face mask style. You could see this style on social media if you are in doubt about this fashion. You'd be convinced if you saw this style. Matching your face mask to your dress is the way to go this season. Satin face masks are way perfect for this trend. It has elegant colors that go well with almost all dresses. It has variations in colors such as merlot, nude, peach, latte, dusty rose, cream, black, pink, purple, to name a few. You can just pick your favorite colors and match them with your dresses. 

Is wearing masks a trend?

Wearing a mask is a trend now. We don’t know when this trend will end. But now we just have to go with the flow because wearing a mask is required. Nothing is as simple as matching your whole outfit to your mask. This is particularly simple if your mask is a neutral color like black or navy. They go well with any color of your outfit. For maximum versatility, choose a mask in a neutral shade such as navy, grey, latte, or black. But if you are keen to buy a mask in a more vibrant shade, do consider your natural coloring first.

Is a cloth face mask reusable?

A cloth face mask is reusable. This is a perk of having a washable face mask. You can enjoy wearing it to flaunt your daily style. You just wash it after using it and wear it over again. It is hand washed only and leaves it to air dry. It is simple to clean because the satin fabric dries quickly and easily removes the clinging dirt. With this, I'd rather go with a satin face mask and buy in bulk to pair with my daily outfit.

Fabric face mask’s benefits are reusable, washable, eco-friendly, and help prevent from spreading the virus. Also, it helps save money because it can be reused over 100 times. This means you are saving money and surgical face masks from being used. It ensures that surgical mask supplies are always in stock and safe for those who really need them. Another benefit of using a reusable face mask is waste disposal control management. Disposable face masks have been found on the ground, in parks, and other public places. They are not disposed of in the garbage can properly, and it can further spread the virus. The fabric face mask helps reduce contamination and the disposal of face masks in public places. So, if you're going to wear a face mask, go with a fabric face mask. And save the surgical masks for those who really need them.

Final Thought

A matching face mask is currently trending. It is all over on social media. It is also visible on the profiles of influencers. They are wearing a face mask that matches their outfit. A satin face mask is the perfect one for this matchy-matchy style. The color is plain and goes well with plain shirts, dresses, gowns. For instance, if you wear a red shirt or dress, pair it up with a scarlet face mask. If your favorite outfit color is nude, then match it with the nude face mask. It comes in a neutral, blue, pink, peach, red, green, purple, and yellow shade. You can have these face masks of color tone to match all your shirts, dresses, or gowns in your closet. It is fun to have these all colors of face masks in your wardrobe. 

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