Do you want to start a small business? Starting a business can be a motivating idea, especially for first-time entrepreneurs. Or employed individuals who require an additional income for the daily expenses. Everyone has a dream to build a business. Starting a business is very risky yet fulfilling when it hits the peak of success. There are so many things to consider when starting a business. It includes your target customer, location, capital, supplier, and others. 


However, you do not have enough capital to do all these things. You cannot afford to rent a space for your physical shop because it will cost a lot of money. No worries because you can start it by selling online using social media platforms. Social media helps market your product. You can reach more people aside from your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tiktok, and other social media platforms. 

Is a scrunchie business a good business? 

Setting up a scrunchie business requires less capital. It is good business for everyone. Even students can earn money by selling scrunchie without having a huge capital to invest in this business. You can avail of scrunchie wholesale of $30 minimum of order. With that small amount of investment, you can start up your scrunchie business. When you are getting a volume of orders, you can increase your investment by $60 and so on. 

I will tell you a story of a teenage student that needs to sustain her daily allowance for school. She loved hairstyling until she discovered a scrunchie hair tie. She used it to style her hair and received many compliments from her classmates, friends, and relatives. Suddenly a thought came to her mind: why not make it a business and promote it through her own hairstyling. She found a supplier for her small scrunchie business, and it helped her sustain her daily expenses. 

What I want to say with this story is that the scrunchie business allows you to earn money. To succeed in the e-commerce industry, you must promote it to the correct target market. Your target market for this scrunchie business would be people of all ages, from little girls to women. As you can see, you have a vast selection of markets in which to sell your scrunchies.

What is the first thing to do?

If you are looking for a small side hustle to add up your daily income, you can start selling scrunchies. You can start selling it to your friends, relatives, or colleagues. The scrunchie is easy to sell because women of all ages wear it every day. Also, you can be a model of your own product. You can wear it at work, attending formal events, or gathering with friends and relatives. 

When they see you wearing a scrunchie and thinking it is gorgeous, they will undoubtedly ask where you got it. There is a chance you will receive a lot of compliments from them. Thus, they would probably ask you where you bought it. Boom! It is the right time to introduce your small business. And the power of mouth word spells magic to happen. Your friend bought scrunchies from you, and your friend's friends would also buy them from you. When starting up any business, do not think it will grow at once because it takes time. It needs to exert much effort and strategy to gain more sales. Remember that there’s no success happens overnight. Perseverance is the key when entering the business world. 

What is the best brand for scrunchie?

Maybe at this moment, you are already thinking about how you can find the best brand for your scrunchie business. One of the techniques to find the best brand for you is to read reviews. You can see how their customers like the products. Also, you have to check the quality of the material used. It should be of high quality so that your scrunchie business would last. If your customers love your scrunchie product, they will order over and over again. 


You are set even if you do not have the expertise to make a scrunchie. But do have the ability to advertise it. Choosing the right brand for your scrunchie business is a crucial part of your business success. With this, Blush Pop Creations is the right brand for you. Blush Pop Creations scrunchies are made with beautiful fabrics and handpicked high-quality elastic. The stitching is superb and sewn beautifully. So, you can be sure that it is pretty and would last for long-term use. It has a just elasticity for comfort and good hair support. It can wrap around any hairstyle without pulling or snagging hair strands. It has three sizes - medium, large, and extra-large. So, you have the choices of which one is suited for your customers. 

Where can I promote my scrunchie business? 

If you are starting your scrunchie business and you do not have a website yet. You can use a Business Facebook page and Instagram account. You can post your product there and promote it to your target market. These platforms are best for marketing your scrunchie products because billions of people use social media worldwide. You can reach more target markets, especially if you will render paid ads. 

Where can I buy scrunchie wholesale?

After deciding to launch the scrunchie business, now you need to find a supplier for your scrunchie business. There are a lot of wholesale marketplaces out there, but I found Tundra to be the best. If you are unfamiliar with Tundra, it's a wholesale marketplace where you can find top brands for your scrunchie business. You can find the best-guaranteed supplier that is selling pretty and high-quality scrunchies. Also, you can get free samples of scrunchie for you to check the quality of the product. With this, you can guarantee that the scrunchie brand you are dealing with has high-quality scrunchies. 

Where can I buy scrunchie wholesale?

Why does Tundra wholesale of all other marketplaces? First, you can shop with confidence because you've found a top scrunchie brand source. Second, easy tracking, quick delivery, and free shipping for pro members. They are all available inside the continental United States and Canadian provinces. Third, you can apply for net terms, wholesale prices below retail, and no transaction fees. Lastly, your orders are delivered straight to your home from the warehouse of the supplier. Tundra gives real-time monitoring and alerts for you to monitor the tracking of your orders. 

How do I find the right supplier for my scrunchie business?

Find a supplier in the Tundra marketplace who is Pro eligible because they will offer free shipping. Tundra will cover the free shipping for the Pro buyers who place $150.00+ orders from one brand. Also, it has a gold badge which means the scrunchie brand supplier has the best price guaranteed. Moreover, they can offer free samples. The scrunchie is sold per item, not per pack. However, you can sell it per pack to your customer if you want a bundle package. You may also check the manufacturer's selling retail price on the product page. As a result, determining your selling price is not difficult. You will get a 36 to 44 percent profit margin. 

Be sure you are a Pro buyer based in Canada and the US. And have an order of $150.00+ so that you can avail of the free shipping. With this, you will get a higher profit margin. 

How to compute and choose the right wholesale price?

It is a crucial part of the business. You should see how much your profit margin is. No one goes into a business that does not earn a profit. Otherwise, you are wasting your time and effort in building your scrunchie business. The right supplier is the one who can give you a great profit margin minus other expenses. It is good for you if you can avail of the free shipping privilege in the Tundra marketplace. You can get a higher profit markup. You can use this formula: Profit per item = ( MSRP - Wholesale Price) / MSRP x 100. For example, a medium scrunchie wholesale price is $4.02, and the suggested selling retail price is $7.24.

Profit per item = ($7.24 - $4.02) / $7.24 x 100 = 44.48 percent

Profit of Medium scrunchie = $7.24 x 44.48 percent = $3.22

It means you will earn a $3.22 profit for every sold medium scrunchie. You can enjoy this great profit if you can avail of the free shipping for a pro buyer. As you can see, if you are just getting started in business, this is a great chance.

How much does the average scrunchie wholesale cost?

Scrunchies are sold in almost every store. But, the question is, are they of good quality? We have seen various scrunchies online and offline stores. They would, however, differ in terms of creation and material quality. With this, the prices may vary depending on the quality of the scrunchies. If you want the cheapest one, you should expect that it is not as good as you think. Let me tell you that the scrunchie cost wholesale range would be $4.02 to $7.24 depending on the size. You can select medium, large, and extra-large scrunchie. The wholesale price per scrunchie is affordable for a scrunchie made with beautiful fabrics and handpicked high-quality elastic. You can be sure that you will never regret selling these scrunchies.

How do you manufacture scrunchies?

Blush Pop Creations is a home-based small business in Saskatchewan. All scrunchies are made with lots of love in our home in Weyburn, SK. They are sewn beautifully with my own hands, so you can guarantee that you have purchased gorgeous and high-quality scrunchies. Your orders ship directly from Blush Pop Creations in Canada. You can avail of scrunchie wholesale for a minimum of $30.00. And, you would expect the order to be ready to ship within five days. You can track your orders from the time you place it until it is delivered. You will really find this Tundra marketplace so easy and convenient to use for your business. 

Put add-ons to your existing boutique

Adding products to your store is a great way to increase sales. Your customers can choose from a variety of things at your store. If customers spend an hour or longer in your store, there is a probability they will buy. It is a great strategy to gain more sales and customers. When someone passes by your store and sees it brimming with goods, it might pique their interest. There is a chance they will come into your store because you caught their attention by displaying many products. They might believe they have found something they want and need to purchase it.

Put add-ons to your existing boutique

Are you planning to expand the products of your store to increase more sales? But, you have not decided yet what items you are going to sell. If you already have an online store or an offline boutique, you can add scrunchies to your store. Scrunchie is perfect to be added to your store if you are selling clothing and accessories. Or, whatever goods in your store if you think that scrunchie is the best addition to your store. 

Final Thought

Blush Pop Creations offers wholesale products such as scrunchies and face masks. However, scrunchies are only on the Tundra marketplace at the moment. Also, if you want to purchase a wholesale facemask, you can visit our website. We will accommodate your queries. Let us go back to our wholesale scrunchie that is available in the Tundra marketplace. If you wish to start a small business or plan products added to your existing store, the scrunchie is perfect. It needs only a small capital to start up a business like this scrunchie. It is popular among women of all ages, so you will never be worried about your inventory stock. Head over to our shop at Tundra marketplace and get a sample of scrunchies! Happy selling, and I hope you get more sales from your scrunchie business.


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