French barrettes are hair clips that are used to secure your hair from being messy. They are worn in several different ways. You can wear it on the back to hold more hair or on the side part. They are used to keep hair out of the eyes. Also, it is used to secure a bun, French twist, or half ponytail hairstyle. The larger ones are designed to pull back long hair or a large amount of hair. It's typically worn on the back of the head.

Many other hair clips were invented in the 1970s, but these French barrettes are still prevalent. I decided to make a French barrette for this reason. I made a little twist to create it. I embellished it with lustrous satin fabric. It comes in silver and gold-plated hardware and is about 10cm long.

What is a satin French barrette clip?

The base of the French barrette is robust and sleek, with a tension bar to keep the hair in place. The clasps are made of two prongs that latch to the arm. This French Barrette hair clip comes in silver or gold plated hardware. This barrette measures about 10 cm long. It is embellished with lustrous satin fabric. They are available in a number of hues, giving you plenty of alternatives. French barrettes are versatile and functional.

  • Easily holds ponytails for long or short hair.
  • Easy and comfortable to wear.
  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Perfect for various occasions like weddings, proms, dates, birthdays, parties, or other formal events.
  • Perfect for bridesmaid’s proposal gifts or bridal giveaways.


Every French barrette hair clip that I created is made with love. So, you can be sure that it has a high quality that you can enjoy for long-term use. Do you want to send them as a present to someone? We got you covered! You can message us to discuss further details. We would be delighted to help you!

How do you use French hair clips?

You can add charms to your everyday hairstyle with these gorgeous French barrette hair clips. They are great for adding extra style to your hair. These hair clips are stylish and elegant. They are ideal gifts for daughters, friends, wives, or girlfriends on any occasion. Also, they are a perfect way to accessorize your hair during dates, formal events, or just everyday wear.

Also, you can make French barrette as a giveaway for weddings, birthdays, or proms. You can also give this to girl kids as a present during the holiday season. I am sure they will be happy upon receiving it. The Christmas season is just around the corner, so put our French barrette on your list. You can shop ahead of time so that you will never miss it during the holiday season. It will be selling out fast during the holiday season. If I were you, I would shop for gifts as early as I could. So, I can have more time to manage with other stuff that needs to prepare for Christmas.

Gorgeous Colors Of French Barrettes That You Can Wear On Various Occasion

Caramel Large French Barrette

Caramel Large French Barrette | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift For Her | Handmade With Satin Fabric & Silver Or Gold Plated Hardware

What color goes well with caramel color? Caramel goes with pretty much everything. It matches well with white, off-white, grey, orange, brown, blush pink, yellow, teal, to name a few. It looks great in all attire colors, but most Mid-century modern style. Caramel is always a warm shade. So in either way you go, it has to have that perfect balance of warmth. Your fashion style level will depend on how far you stay from your natural shade. Whether you go for highlights or all-over color is up to you. If your hair color is caramel, it can be a perfect match with your Caramel French Barrette.

Gold Large French Barrette

Gold Large French Barrette | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift For Her | Handmade With Satin Fabric & Silver Or Gold Plated Hardware

You really enjoy life if gold is your favorite color. Generally, you have an upbeat outlook on life and business. Gold hue represents love and wisdom. Gold is a relative of yellow and brown. It is linked with illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic, and knowledge, among other things. Gold is a valuable metal associated with riches, grandeur, success, glitter, glamour, and shine. Get inspired with this gold French barrette, and spread good vibes to people around you.

Do gray and gold go together?

Gray and gold go together like silver and gold metallics. It would likely create a classy-looking aura that is restful and serene, yet never dull appearance.

Cream Large French Barrette

Cream Large French Barrette | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift For Her | Handmade With Satin Fabric | Wedding Bridal Headpiece

The cream is an off-white color that varies from pure white in hue. A navy blue or emerald green dress with this cream scrunchie barrette would create a classic, more retro look. Also, it helps to bring out the yellow undertone of cream. If you want to wear a white dress or blouse, then you can wear this cream barrette. It can create a warm white look.

How about black and cream? They both go well with each other. Any dark color of your dress can match this cream as the cream scrunchie barrette makes your outfit style shine.

Latte Large French Barrette

Latte Champagne Large French Barrette | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift For Her | Handmade With Satin Fabric & Silver Or Gold Plated Hardware

Latte is a warm and classy color that matches any color. It is pretty when paired with blush, dusty rose, or gold dresses. Pairing your favorite brown blouse with a burgundy bag is a classy style. And a latte French barrette on your hair is the perfect way to flaunt your unique outfit style. Try this fashion now. I am sure you will hook the outcome of your new look.

Dusty Rose Large French Barrette

Dusty Rose Large French Barrette | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift For Her | Handmade With Satin Fabric & Silver Or Gold Plated Hardware

Dusty rose is both a warm and cool color that looks good on almost everyone. Pair a dusty rose French barrette with champagne, blush pink, silver, or gray dresses for a delicate complimenting appearance. Also, try it with hunter green, navy blue, or dark gray dresses for a striking contrast effect. Actually, you can try different outfit colors to pair up with this dusty rose barrette and discover new styles.

Silver Large French Barrette

Silver Large French Barrette | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift For Her | Handmade With Satin Fabric & Silver Or Gold Plated Hardware

Silver is a distinctive hue that has long been linked with riches, modernism, glamour, grace, and elegance. Silver is a metal that signifies innovation, refinement, sleekness, and sophistication. It looks best with a black dress, but it also looks great with white and gray attire. Also, you can wear this silver barrette that works well with light colors. They are pink, blue, purple, green, and yellow outfits colors. You can purchase it now so that you can try to pair it up with your pretty dresses.

White Large French Barrette

White Large French Barrette | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift For Her | Handmade Wedding Hair Piece With Satin Fabric, Silver/Gold Hardware

White is the most complete and pure color in the spectrum. In psychology, it is typically associated with purity, innocence, completeness, and completion. You can categorize the color preferences by certain personality traits. White represents new beginnings and a clean slate in color psychology. Every hue has a different significance, and we select the ones that best reflect our personalities. And, the white color is stunning. It has incredible importance when paired with everything else. Therefore, this white French barrette will match all colors of your clothes.

Wisteria Large French Barrette

Wisteria Large French Barrette | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift For Her | Handmade With Satin Fabric & Silver Or Gold Plated Hardware

Try to wear this pretty wisteria French barrette with your favorite dresses. It has a lush and warm beauty effect that brings out your lovely personality. Furthermore, because of its gentle and beautiful tone, it works well in every season. It is a popular color choice for weddings. Thus, it is perfect for bridesmaids and other wedding entourage if the theme color is wisteria. You may also use this as a wedding shower giveaway or a bridesmaid proposal present.

Fern Large French Barrette

Fern Large French Barrette | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift For Her | Handmade With Satin Fabric & Silver Or Gold Plated Hardware

When combined with other neutral colors, the earthy tone of the fern brings out the vibrancy of the overall look. It matches well with earthy browns, blues, and golden yellow dresses. With this style, you can create a natural and relaxing look inspired by nature. A Fern barrette on your half ponytail can be a perfect way to show off your style while giving off natural vibes. Then, you can pair it with your navy and lighter color dresses. You may mix and match this with different colors to create a fun, vibrant, and fashionable ensemble.

Powder Large French Barrette

 Powder Large French Barrette | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift For Her | Handmade With Satin Fabric & Silver Or Gold Plated Hardware

The powder is a pale shade of blue. It is a light blue color that brings out a peaceful and calming sensation. Dusty rose, peach, lavender, lilac, navy blue, white, and cream go nicely with the hues of your dress. If you are looking for a fresher look, you can wear a white dress with a powder barrette on your hair. This is a classic appearance that will never go out of style. You can also try pairing it with your neutral tones. For more casual outfits, lighter hues like ivory and beige dresses are versatile go-to options.

Caramel Large French Barrette

Caramel Large French Barrette | Bridesmaid Proposal Gift For Her | Handmade With Satin Fabric & Silver Or Gold Plated Hardware

Caramel color goes with pretty much everything. But, it goes well with white, off-white, grey, orange, brown, yellow, teal, blushes pink, to name a few. The caramel French barrette will give you a retro style. It features a look that is evocative of a mid-century modern outfit. This hair clip can brighten up your appearance. You can try to match this with other color combos of your attire. I am sure you can create a classy retro-modern style.

Formal Events Where You Can Wear French Barrette

Do you know that our French barrette is perfect for formal events such as weddings, proms, parties, and other occasions? Our French barrette is embellished with silky, lustrous satin fabric, making it perfectly coordinated with almost formal gowns and dresses.

Wedding Events

Have you ever imagined giving a French barrette as a wedding favor at your bridal party? Or include this in the proposal gift box for your bridesmaids? Our French barrettes are elegant makes them perfect for gifting. You can try to attach this French barrette to the card and create your DIY wedding favors. It is so exciting making our own crafts for special occasions. It adds a sentimental touch to the gifts. Also, it feels more rewarding seeing those people happy upon receiving your DIY gift for them.

Birthday Party For The Little Ones

When you hold a birthday party for your daughter, birthday favors are always present. You want simple giveaways yet functional. You can try our scrunchie barrettes and create your brilliant gift wrapping ideas. There are a lot of tutorials on Youtube. You can watch it then try to make your own craft. If you love doing this, then this is perfect for you. You can order in bulk with your chosen color that is perfect for the birthday theme. We have various lustrous colors you can choose from that suit well to the party theme. That is one of the advantages of using scrunchie barrettes as gifts.

Final Thoughts

Satin French barrette is very functional. You can use it as a hair clip. Also, you can give it as a wedding favor or giveaway. Blush Pop Creations offers various shades to coordinate well with your outfit. If you want to purchase it as a giveaway, do not hesitate to message us. We would be glad to accommodate all your queries.

Aside from French Barrette, we also have pretty scrunchies for your daily hairstyle. We have satin scrunchies, a towel scrunchie, and cotton scrunchies. These three types of patterns have each functionality. For the satin scrunchie, it is perfect to wear for formal events or just a daily hairstyle. For the towel scrunchie, you can wear it while doing your bedtime routine or after a bath. The cotton scrunchie is appropriate for everyday use as well as other events. But, satin scrunchie only offers various shades than the latter. You can choose many pretty shades that almost match all your outfit. It is our bestseller in our store. You can visit our store to read more feedback from our customers. With this, it helps you decide on purchasing scrunchies.

Should you have further questions, you may send us a message directly to this page. Or you can contact us on our social media accounts @blushpopcreations.


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