It is exciting to venture into a business, especially if it is your first time doing it. By landing on this page, I will assure you that you are on the right track. I am going to introduce to you the scrunchie business. The scrunchie business is not risky like other businesses because it will only need a small capital. If you have never seen a scrunchie before, I will explain what it is. However, I am sure even kids are familiar with this hair tie. The scrunchie is a ring of elastic enclosed in a loose fabric that wraps around a ponytail. It is gentle on the hair and will not damage the hair because of its silky texture. That is why it is way better than the usual hair tie. It is suitable for all ages, from little girls to adult women.

Soft Satin Scrunchies - Wholesale

You will only need $100 to start this business, as well as a social media account or page. If you can provide a website for your products, it is better, but it is optional. Or perhaps you can create it later when it is already established well.

Wholesale Scrunchies Supplier Online


Now, you have already decided to enter into the scrunchie business. Your problem is where you can find a supplier for your scrunchie business. Worry no more because we are an online scrunchie supplier that will cater the items for you. You can head over to Tundra marketplace to purchase wholesale scrunchie from our shop. Our store name is Blush Pop Creations. We have gorgeous scrunchies and a trendy variety of colors. We have used high-quality fabric materials and elastic bands to satisfy our customers. So far, we have received a lot of good reviews about our scrunchies. You can go through it there and read their experiences. As a result, it will give you some ideas on how to promote the scrunchies to the target market.

Order Wholesale Scrunchies In Bulk

The perk of ordering scrunchies in bulk is that you can save more than buying in pieces. Blush Pop Creations offers a $30 minimum order that is very affordable if you are just starting a scrunchie business. There is no minimum order quantity (MOQ) as long as your order is worth the minimum of $30. Moreover, Tundra Marketplace provides free shipping to these locations - Canada and the United States.


You can find Blush Pop Creations at Etsy, Tundra marketplace, and our very own website. But, our scrunchies in Tundra are way the cheapest among the rest because it is our wholesale shop. It is intended for a business owner who wants to extend their products in their store. And for the ones who want to start a scrunchie business. If this is you, you can head over to our shop in the Tundra marketplace. And, we would be happy to do business with you. We can assure you that you will experience the premium quality of products and services.

The Cheapest Wholesale You Can Get for Satin Scrunchies

Blush Pop Creations offers the lowest wholesale price yet high-quality scrunchies. You will get a 36% profit margin when selling our scrunchies, and it is a good start. We offer our lowest price so you can sell it fast. As customers nowadays are always comparing prices with other stores before deciding to buy. We have decided to give you the best wholesale price. So you do not have to struggle to sell it, and you can keep up with the competition. You will not be left behind as you will be selling scrunchies of high quality yet cheaper ones. You can check our reviews from our happy customers to decide that BlushPopCreations is the right brand for you.

Where Is Your Favorite Place To Buy Scrunchies, and Why?

I love to buy scrunchies at Etsy. But right now, I have made scrunchies for myself since sewing and designing are my passion. The BlushPopCreations brand was born after an idea came to me: why not make scrunchies and sell them online? I tried to make scrunchies and sell them online. I was taken aback by the results because it went well. I have produced more handmade scrunchies with various colors and patterns. It went well again and I decided to launch my wholesale scrunchies in the Tundra marketplace. I want to extend my brand and show people that the BlushPopCreations brand has high-quality scrunchies at lower prices. Moreover, I want to help aspiring novice people to start a business at a lower cost, yet not risky. With this, they can start at the bottom and experience what it can do to their lives.

What Should You Look For When Buying Wholesale Scrunchies?

There are a lot of factors to consider when buying wholesale scrunchies. First, do these scrunchies have the quality that I can sell them fast? Second, can I have a good profit from selling scrunchies? Third, can this brand supply my business with enough scrunchies? Fourth, can I do business with them for a longer time? Lastly, can they provide me good service? I am sure these questions are popping up in your mind like mine. I will answer them to you one by one to give you clear thoughts about our brand.

Factors When Buying Wholesale Scrunchies

Our handmade scrunchies are made with beautiful fabrics and handpicked high-quality elastic. So you do not have to worry about the quality. Most of our customers said they got a lot of compliments wearing our scrunchies from their friends. And they were asked where they bought them. With that feedback, it says that our scrunchies are pretty.

Soft and Silky Scrunchie

If you are looking for a profit margin, you can make a good 36 percent profit on each scrunchie. If you can sell a lot, more profits to earn from a scrunchie business. For the third question, we can cater enough scrunchies for your business. In the Tundra marketplace, there is a five-day lead time to accommodate all your orders. You can place orders ahead of time if you think you'll be out of scrunchies in 5 days. Your store should be brimming with scrunchies stocks rather than only pieces. Why? Because customers tend to buy from other stores when you are out of stock. You are giving them to your competitors. Otherwise, they would be your loyal customers.

The fourth question, Blush Pop Creations will continue to do business online because it is already an established online store. Also, we are continuously making new patterns to thrive the scrunchies trends. Lastly, you can be sure you will experience good service from us. From the customer service to the quality of products.

How Do You Make Scrunchies?

Blush Pop Creations choose high-quality fabrics and elastic bands to create gorgeous scrunchies. Most of our scrunchies are satin fabrics, and the rest are cotton fabric ones. Our bestseller is satin scrunchies since it has lustrous colors that can be matched to almost all dresses on any occasion. Our scrunchies are soft, smooth, comfortable, long-lasting, and above all else, handcrafted with love. They are created with love from a smoke-free and pet-free home. Moreover, you can buy them with confidence and sell them to your target markets. All scrunchies are made with lots of love in our home in Weyburn, SK.

Are Hair Scrunchies Out Of Style?

In the decades since, they've become more of a favorite hair tie for young girls. Scrunchies never go out of fashion. They are still prevalent nowadays. Did you know that scrunchies were popular back in the 1980s? But its trend is back now. It means that its fashion never goes out of style. It is the only hair tie that will not damage your hair. That is also the other reason why most women use a scrunchie to style up their hair.

Should Scrunchies Stay Trendy?

As far as I know, scrunchie will continue to thrive in the coming years. Why? Because it can provide you with more than just fashion; it can also provide you with benefits. It solves problems for most women. Mostly, if the product solves a problem, it would likely stay trendy and become a bestseller. These are the benefits it could give you: It limits the breakage of your hair, reduces hair loss, and combats frizz. Also, it helps preserve hairstyle, preserves hair strength, and is ideal for any hair type. Our scrunchies are soft, which is why they are gentle on your hair. They can wrap around your hair without snagging or pulling it.

What Role Do Colors Play In The Design Of Scrunchies?

Generally speaking, the only relevance of colors on scrunchies is the same as any other colors of clothing and accessories. For instance, black is considered to match chic pink for a feminine look. Also, it goes for all of the clothing and accessories in those colors. Whether they are headbands, scrunchies, dresses, sweaters, bracelets, shoes, etc.

Dusty Rose Scrunchie

However, the color of scrunchies is significant when putting together an outfit. Most girls want their scrunchies to match their outfits which means they want pink scrunchies to match their pink clothes. Or to tone white dress with black scrunchies.

What is also regularly considered when choosing scrunchies is the color of the hair. Most girls like to make sure their scrunchies would not clash with their hair or blend in too much. For instance, someone with ginger hair might avoid scrunchies in shades of pink for fear of clashing. And, someone with black hair might opt for brighter scrunchies to stand out against their dark hair. It all still generally matches with their outfit, of course.

Is There A Repeat Market For Scrunchies, Or Will You Have To Find A New Customer With Each Sale?

If you sell high-quality scrunchies and accompanied by good customer service, you will definitely have repeat customers. They will be buying more in the future. And, there is a probability they would tell their friends where they can purchase scrunchies like theirs. It is hard to gain the trust of all of your customers because we cannot please everyone. You can offer them the best service and quality scrunchies that exceed their expectations. As a result, they would come to your stores over and over again. Always make the new customer be your repeat customer. Communicate with them well. If they have problems with their purchase, you can offer them a solution. As a result, they will still be happy with the purchase despite some issues encountered.

When Promoting Scrunchies, What Do You Wish Product Descriptions Would Include?

Based on my preference, I want to know more about whether it is suited for my hair length and type. So, it is crucial to indicate in the description that it is ideal for any hair type. And there are different sizes for thin or thick hair that can hold up the hair well. Also, indicate that it is suitable for teens, girls, and women. In short, perfect for all ages.

Wholesale Scrunchies

I would also like an approximate shelf life. I am a big fan of things I can best describe as twist ties for the hair. They are fabric-covered elastic bands that allow me to roll my hair up. Also, it can fold the end of my hair for a quick updo. It's also worth mentioning that it comes with a high-quality elastic band that can be twisted several times. And will last for long-term use. Customers want to know in your description what they would feel after they use your scrunchies. Always incorporate the benefits in the features.

Final Thought

Blush Pop Creations is the right brand for you. You can guarantee that you are on the right supplier. We offer high-quality scrunchies and customer service for any queries you may have. You can go to our wholesale shop in the Tundra marketplace if you want to start a scrunchie business. You can get scrunchie samples from us. You can message us in our shop, and we will get back to you right away. You can add scrunchies to your products even if you already have a shop or boutique. We would be glad to do business with you in the future!


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