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Satin scrunchies are extremely popular nowadays because they always bring fashion. Its popularity started way back in the 1980s. And its style would really match the colorful and over-the-top aesthetic style before. Until now, its design is still suited well to every outfit we wear. Scrunchies fashion is still prevalent to this day in all ages.

I remember when I was young, my mother always tied my hair with a scrunchie. I went to school with a scrunchie at the end of my braided hair. They are not outdated now because everyone always enjoys their fashion. So, the thought came up in my mind to handcraft scrunchies to further promote the style it brings today. I have been using satin scrunchies because it has soft and shiny textures. It creates less friction and tension in your hair. As a result, it will not damage your hair upon using it.

The Benefits of Satin Scrunchies

The satin scrunchies are not only the fashion they bring, but they also give us the benefits. Have you ever tried using a basic old elastic band? Or another hair tie that really pulls your hair every time you take it off on your hair? Have you ever had an unsightly curl in your freshly straightened hair? 

The solution to that problem is satin scrunchies because they can wrap around your hair without pulling or snagging hair strands. The soft nature of satin will do great on your hair. That is why teens, girls, and women of all ages find them most comfortable to wear.

It also has another benefit for those people having a headache when tying their hair. It happened because they were using a usual elastic band that causes pain. I can relate to that situation. I tried to tie my hair up with a rubber band before. It really gave me a headache. After it happened, I never used a rubber band. I’m only using a satin scrunchie now. Because it has a fair elasticity and smooth feeling that gives me comfort when I wear it. So far, it’s so good. Goodbye to the headache. It doesn’t happen to me anymore.

Do You Still Wear Satin Scrunchies?

If you are asking about satin scrunchies, yes, I do. I have long hair that needs to be either in a ponytail or other hairstyle to deal with fashion looks. I do styles with my hair during outdoor activities like playing sports, jogging, hiking, and many more. If you want your hair will not cover your face during various activities, tie your hair up with a scrunchie. It really gives you comfort when you wear it. It will not only bring relief but also a style that everyone needs.

Satin Scrunchies Really Match Your Style

Who does not like to style their hair? Hairdressing is a part of our daily fashion. We don’t leave the house if our hairstyle is not in accordance with our attire. If we wear a pink hair tie, it should also match the color of our dress. We would love to wear hair accessories that really complement our daily outfits. 

Scrunchies today have many colors to choose from to suit our everyday wear. We can find all the colors we want in the online shop. Before, the online store was not trendy yet. You had to go to many stores to find the colors you wanted. We are luckier now because there are people who share their designs online. We can visit their shops anytime online and enjoy choosing unlimited gorgeous items.

Wearing Satin Scrunchies On The Wrist

Satin scrunchies are very versatile. It will not only create the styles of your hair but also, you can use it as a wrist accessory. If you want your hair down, you can wear it on your wrist to add style to your outfit. I remember my hair was tied when I left home. Midway going to work, I changed my mind. I preferred to let my hair down to create a new style and wore it as a bracelet. Actually, you can create various ways with the mere scrunchie. It really does not lose its style. It always gives you ideas on how to further your fashion. Do you imagine using it on your ankle? I think so. It seems I like to try it, too. Fashion is unlimited. You can do everything that suits you.

Why Are Satin Scrunchies Better Than Usual Hair Ties?

Satin scrunchies have various functions and benefits. That is why they are the best choice of the many. If you have never tried using a scrunchie before, we highly recommend you wear it. You will surely love the comfort and style that you will experience.

One size fits all

The size of the scrunchie is perfectly fit for thin and thick hair. It has a fair elasticity that allows you to twist it in double, triple, or quadruple. If you want to buy it online, you can be sure its size would really fit you.

Perfect for personal use

Satin scrunchies can be your best friend for so many reasons. It helps you to be fashionable in every way. It never let you down. If you do not have enough time to style your hair, the scrunchie is always beside you. You can quickly access it and tie it around your ponytail.

Ideal for any hair type

Satin scrunchies are perfect for any hair type. It is ideal for straight, curly, wavy, coily, long, or short hair. Satin scrunchie has three available sizes, which are medium, large, and extra-large. You can choose different sizes that depend on the type of your hair. Its soft and fair elasticity features give you the benefits of using them every day.

Giftable on any occasion

Its stylish and elegant look makes the satin scrunchies an ideal gift for girls, teens, or women. You can give this to your friends, relatives, or officemates on occasions like birthdays, weddings, christenings, or other formal events.

Hair accessories on any occasion

Have you ever imagined that satin scrunchies are the perfect hair accessories on any occasion? Let us talk about a wedding occasion. The color cream, latte, nude, peach, and many more are the perfect colors that would coordinate with your wedding dress. Its elegant look is ideal for the hairstyle of the bride, bridesmaid, and flower girl.

Preserve hair strength

Aside from soft and shiny features, the satin scrunchies also protect your hair. It reduces friction and tension on your hair because of its good elastic band and shiny satin texture. Also, satin does not leach the moisture from your hair, which helps prevent hair damage. As a result, it helps to keep your hair healthy. Moreover, it is good to use for dry, damaged, and weak hair.

Suitable for all ages

Satin scrunchie never goes out of fashion. It suited well for girls, teens, and women of all ages. Everyone can create their own style with scrunchies. It can complement your style in whatever your attire for the day.

Can style your hair in many ways

You can create various hairstyles through these satin scrunchies. It lets you be fashionable in your own way. Many hacks of hairstyle can cut down your styling time using scrunchies. It will surely make your life easier. Also, the fun and unusual ways make you do it.

Satin Scrunchies Hairstyle

You can create a different style with satin scrunchies as they are functional. Even models, influencers, and celebrities are wearing these gorgeous satin scrunchies to spice up their hairstyles. Besides, the satin scrunchie is reliable when it comes to hairdressing. It helps style your hair quickly. Especially, when you are in a rush for your meeting appointment or meeting your friends outside. Or, your hair is messed up with strong winds. You can fast tie your hair and you are ready to go.

8 Ways To Style Your Hair Using Satin Scrunchies

The basic scrunchie ponytail

It is a simple hairstyle that keeps your hair out on your face. You can wrap your gorgeous scrunchie around the ponytail and you are ready to go. You usually do this when you are at home when you do household chores. Also, when you are in a hurry and do not have time to style your hair. This simple style would really help you.

The half ponytail

The half ponytail is favorable for those who have short hair. You could be able to tie your hair using a scrunchie. Just take a half part of your hair from the front of your head. Then, sweep it back and tie it up in the middle of your scalp. The half ponytail works well on short to long hair. Also, looks good on both straight and curly hair.

Braided ponytail

A braided ponytail is a cute style. You could reminisce about this style when you were in childhood. If you are bored with simple ponytails, you can upgrade to this style. You can braid your hair and then tie the scrunchie around your braided hair. And, there you go. Also, you can wear this style to formal events like birthdays, weddings, or weekend getaways like camping or barbecue parties. It is really suited for whatever occasions you may have.

Scrunchies to the end for the braided hair

This style is perfect for long hair. Gather your hair to the middle part of your head and tie it with your large satin scrunchie. Continue the braiding until the tip of your hair, and wrap it with another medium scrunchie. Make the scrunchies the focus of your style. It really gives you fashionable and chic looks.

The messy bun

This one is a popular style for those who have unruly curly hair. When you are in a hurry and do not have time to comb your hair. You can style your hair into a messy bun. You can use a medium to large scrunchie to wrap it around your bun. Your messy bun turns into a fashionable look. You can use this style anywhere.

Side pony with braid

When you are preparing for an event, there is nothing more important than your hairstyle. You want to be sure your looks stand out in the crowd. This side pony with a braid can create a simple yet gorgeous look. Your satin scrunchie really complements your style.

Scrunchie pigtails

This one was my favorite style when I was a kid. It really looks cute, especially for girls and teens. This hairstyle never goes out of fashion. It is well-suited for all ages. The scrunchies tied on the twin braids on opposite sides of the head create a fashionable look. You can wear this style if you want to look cute.

Multi-scrunchie ponytail

Have you ever tried to wrap your ponytail with scrunchies in a layered style? If not, try this style. Its chic style allows you to stand out amidst the crowd. This hairstyle is perfect for long hair. If you have a scrunchies collection, this is a great way to use your scrunchies. You will love the style of multiple scrunchies throughout your ponytail.

Final Thoughts

Satin scrunchies are the best choice if you are going to buy a hair tie. Its functionality is very versatile, and many benefits have to offer. You can create a lot of hairstyles through scrunchies. Its soft and shiny texture allows you to wear it every day as it will not damage your hair. Its style is always trending. It will not let you get behind the fashion trend. The trend of scrunchies is up and up amid the recent hair accessory revival. It has many designs and colors to choose from to match your style. Furthermore, all the gorgeous colors of the satin scrunchies are available online. You do not have to go out from the comfort of your home. You can visit online stores and pick your favorite ones. I hope this blog helps you a lot.

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